Flared jeans & pastel shirt

by morganvsmorgan on June 9, 2014

I’ve worn this outfit twice in the space of 3 days – and to be honest I’d probably be wearing it tomorrow too if it didn’t require giant platform shoes.  On the upside, it’s nice masquerading as a tall person and I’ve been hugging people who are usually taller than me just to know what it would feel like to be vertically dominant. Would recommend.


This is my favourite coat- I bought a second one in gray. Black & streamlined, but with enouh detail to keep it interesting. A perfect balance of feminine and masculine; my theory that this would make a great men’s jacket was confirmed when a guy accidentally put this on at a party the other night and it looked fabulous.

The shirt is actually from Coles (yes, the supermarket), and the jeans are from Target. I was looking for flared jeans for a while before I came across these & decided that when it comes to jeans I need something I can try on first (so no internet buys for me), and that I didn’t really want to pay upwards of $100 for a style of jeans I might end up hating.




I love that Coles came out with a supermarket line of clothing that has shirts in an interesting colour (I noticed they also had matching skinny jeans, if you wanted a monochromatic look for ~$40 altogether) , and I’m also impressed with Target for offering a budget pair of flared jeans. They also come in a dark wash, and if you’re not close to a store they have a really good return policy so you could always order in a few sizes to try them on.

Now I just need a second, shorter pair so I can wear them with something other than platforms.

But not flats.

I’m not there yet.


Shirt- The Coles Mix Line .
Jeans- Target 
Coat- Asos 
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell 
Necklace – stolen from my sister.



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