Hooded bodysuit + Stocking arms

by morganvsmorgan on June 16, 2013

After months of refusing to buy clothing, I finally caved in and bought this blackmilk hooded bodysuit that I’ve wanted for ages (amongst a few other things I also felt the need to own ;) ) . Although I’ve now bought a chunk of clothing at once (which I’ll be showing soon because I’m soooo excited to wear them!) , I finally feel as though I’m actually growing wardrobe that won’t leave me saying “I have nothing to wear”. It’s easy to buy clothes that you like and own two packed wardrobes; but if your clothes don’t flow together you’re forever stuck in a cycle of needing to put more money towards clothing. I want a wardrobe that rarely needs to be “updated”; full of clothing that I feel like myself in.


The bodysuit is versatile; short sleeved so it can be worn in summer, plain black so it can be easily worked in with an outfit, interesting enough that it can stand out on its own. I’ve worn it both on a night out with the hood up and the front low (although you can’t tell in these pictures, when symmetrically arranged the front goes down quite low exposing ALL of the cleavage), and during the day with less cleavage and the hood down. The expanse of black fabric making up the hood can be arranged multiple ways, which I like because I’m indecisive and like being able to change my outfit on the go.

As for the checked sleeves, they’re actually a pair of stuckings I turned into a top by cutting a hole in the crotch and removing the feet. Nothing fancy; just me early in the morning deciding that since I never wore them it made more sense to turn them into something that would actually get some use for me. Its comfortable, warm & if you’re buying shitty cheap stockings from a joke store, its a pretty cheap way to get a new clothing fix.

As for hair/makeup : I get my hair in these smaller waves by putting it into a plait and just letting it out. Since my hair has a natural tendency to curl, I don’t need to plait it while still wet- but if you’re hair is really straight I’d suggest doing that. To avoid knots, I run serum or detangler through the ends (currently using Tony & Guy Glamour Serum Drops) and just “brush” it through with my fingers. As for makeup – I’m still on a no-makeup kick, so I’ve just been moisturising my face day and night with coconut oil & wearing sunscreen during the day. I like no fuss, quick, easy going looks for everyday (mostly because I’m lazy and alwayyyyyys running late).

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thehautecookie June 18, 2013 at 10:45 pm

perfect fit on the skinnies! blk and white is always my fave ;) xO!



Cassandra Too June 30, 2013 at 12:57 pm

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