Slouchy leather & structured floral blazer

by morganvsmorgan on July 31, 2013

Today centred around a doctor’s visit, so my outfit had to strike a balance between being visually pleasing & comfortable. I wanted something slouchy and non constricting, but not quite crossing into ‘I’m giving up, please carry me back to bed‘ territory. Not because I’m too good for that, but rather because my recent fever had me firmly within that territory for over a week, and I was starting to entertain melodramatic worries about never being able to dress myself again.

I’ve been looking for baggy pants to offset the leggings I’m generally wearing in Winter. I find that most of my friends are going for “boyfriend jeans” but I’ve never found a pair I liked on myself, which is unsurprising considering I’ve never felt that comfortable in any style of jeans. I’m not sure how I feel about referring to them as “formal trackies” but, you know, between feeling like trackies & being this easy to style, that’s sort of what’s going on here. I enjoy the sheer unsexiness of them; they do nothing to flatter, enhance or flaunt your shape. I would happily have worn this with the black singlet alone, but it is winter here, so I threw on a structured blazer in a garish floral pattern to balance out the silhouette. 

Well, I’m currently in bed, still wearing this outfit & watching Embarassing Bodies, so I can definitely call this one a success in terms of comfort.

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Hooded bodysuit + Stocking arms

by morganvsmorgan on June 16, 2013

After months of refusing to buy clothing, I finally caved in and bought this blackmilk hooded bodysuit that I’ve wanted for ages (amongst a few other things I also felt the need to own ;) ) . Although I’ve now bought a chunk of clothing at once (which I’ll be showing soon because I’m soooo excited to wear them!) , I finally feel as though I’m actually growing wardrobe that won’t leave me saying “I have nothing to wear”. It’s easy to buy clothes that you like and own two packed wardrobes; but if your clothes don’t flow together you’re forever stuck in a cycle of needing to put more money towards clothing. I want a wardrobe that rarely needs to be “updated”; full of clothing that I feel like myself in.


The bodysuit is versatile; short sleeved so it can be worn in summer, plain black so it can be easily worked in with an outfit, interesting enough that it can stand out on its own. I’ve worn it both on a night out with the hood up and the front low (although you can’t tell in these pictures, when symmetrically arranged the front goes down quite low exposing ALL of the cleavage), and during the day with less cleavage and the hood down. The expanse of black fabric making up the hood can be arranged multiple ways, which I like because I’m indecisive and like being able to change my outfit on the go.

As for the checked sleeves, they’re actually a pair of stuckings I turned into a top by cutting a hole in the crotch and removing the feet. Nothing fancy; just me early in the morning deciding that since I never wore them it made more sense to turn them into something that would actually get some use for me. Its comfortable, warm & if you’re buying shitty cheap stockings from a joke store, its a pretty cheap way to get a new clothing fix.

As for hair/makeup : I get my hair in these smaller waves by putting it into a plait and just letting it out. Since my hair has a natural tendency to curl, I don’t need to plait it while still wet- but if you’re hair is really straight I’d suggest doing that. To avoid knots, I run serum or detangler through the ends (currently using Tony & Guy Glamour Serum Drops) and just “brush” it through with my fingers. As for makeup – I’m still on a no-makeup kick, so I’ve just been moisturising my face day and night with coconut oil & wearing sunscreen during the day. I like no fuss, quick, easy going looks for everyday (mostly because I’m lazy and alwayyyyyys running late).

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Winter shift dress

June 6, 2013

As I’ve probably lamented more than a hundred times on this blog so far, winter has a way of sucking the life out me and my wardrobe. Winter involves the kind of planning that I don’t seem to be able to execute early in the morning as I gollum-crawl my way out of bed towards […]

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Body chain & owl eyes

May 28, 2013

Its days like today where I understand why people make blogs as a testament to a version of their lives so whitewashed that it bears only a faint resemblance to the real thing. Today was pretty low key. I was going in search of new sneakers – I’ve had my old ones for about 4+ […]

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Catsuits are the way of the future

March 27, 2013

Another outfit from my recent trip to Melbourne.     If there’s one thing in my wardrobe I always want more of, its catsuits. I don’t own a plain black or white t shirt (I’m really shit at buying “basics”), and I bought my first pair of black jeans for work only today. But catsuits? […]

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Outfit Post: turtleneck & gold triangles

March 21, 2013

Still in the Melbourne trip pictures because I’m amazingly shit at allowing myself more than 5 minutes to get dressed and take pictures of an outfit. I’ll work on it. Black and gold is classic, turtlenecks are classic & black leather is.. classic? So I’m going to go ahead and refer to this as classic […]

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Outfit: sky blue terry toweling

February 28, 2013

This was a hand me down, incase you’re wondering how I ever came to have something of this material in my possession. I’m not about to introduce terry-towelling as one of my wardrobe staples, but I will say that my aversion to it is now mostly gone, especially if it exists in cute tennis-dress-like shape. […]

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February 12, 2013

Here’s me being super seedy the day after Melbourne Big Day Out. At the point these photos were taken, I had just gotten out of the shower & rushed into clothes & onto the balcony to take photos real quick before all the shit we wanted to get done that day. Also this is the […]

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Outfit post: Snakes on a Plane

February 4, 2013

Plane outfits have always been a bit of a thing for me. This is mostly because I have an irrational fear of flying and I always think that if there’s a good chance I’m going to die I should do so wearing something vaguely awesome. Realistically, that should mean dressing up every time I get […]

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The best singlet ever; and it’s a turtleneck.

January 18, 2013

  This top is so perfect that I  fold it every time I take it off instead of just throwing it on my floor. I think that may actually be the perfect gauge for how much you actually love a piece of clothing – that, or I’m just lazy and a grommet & should take […]

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